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Brazilian Waxing

Hair is removed from the public area, leaving a strip of hair approximately 2.5 cm wide up and over the public mound.

Hollywood Waxing

All hair is removed from both the public area and the anal area.

Will you be embarrassed?

Stripping down to nothing in front of a stranger will feel a bit awkward for many first time waxers - but do keep in mind:

• You are with a professional

• Nobody is judging you

• You are not the hairiest person they have seen - neither is your bum the biggest

• The whole experience is rather clinical

• A trained, fully qualified therapist will remove any unwanted hair as quickly and painlessly as possible, usually in about 10-30 minutes

• When it comes to the eternal question of pain, everyone has a different thresholds so there no right answer here but pain killers (not aspirin) taken around one hour before any waxing treatment can help reduce any pain you may experience

• You should expect to experience some discomfort during waxing but in our opinion, that momentary discomfort is so worth it. Hello soft, smooth skin and goodbye razor burn, ingrown hairs and not least that post shave itching that we all just love!

Experienced waxing therapist specialise in providing professional bikini waxing services. Hollywood Waxing, Brazillian Waxing, Body waxing, quick leg wax or you want your underarm  hair to disappear we use top quality Hot and Warm gel wax. Female waxing therapist  specialise in providing quick and painless waxing.                         


   You may experience signs of skin irritation such as redness, dryness and itching after a waxing treatment but this is normal. However, if this lasts for more than 48 hours please feel free to contact me for further advice.