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The word massage is thought to stem from the Latin word ‘massa’ which means ‘to handle or feel’. Massage can be defined as a mechanical form of therapy in which soft tissues are made more pliable by rubbing, pinching, kneading, tapping, etc. Massage can help with relaxation & promoting an increase in blood flow & healing.

Massage dates back many thousands of years, in fact there are historical records that show a form of massage used in China as far back as 2700BC. Nowadays massage is an effective treatment that involves the manipulation of the soft body tissues with the goal of obtaining physical, functional and in some cases emotional benefits.

We have at Advance Beauty & Skin Specialist a number of massage treatments available, from Aromatherapy Indian head massage holistic and Swedish just call our salon in Bournemouth Dorset to arrange an appointment.

Besides feeling good and being a pleasurable experience a massage therapy treatment can increase the body's self awareness and sensitivity and reduce stress, tension and anxiety levels. Massage therapy calms the nervous system and has a centring and balancing effect, relaxing and focusing the mind.

Massage therapy treatment can help to improve and maintain a good posture increasing awareness of the whole body and improving emotional awareness.

       Benefits Of Massage Therapy