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We have at Advance Beauty & Skin Specialist a number of massage treatments available, from Aromatherapy Indian head massage holistic and Swedish just call our salon in Bournemouth Dorset to arrange an appointment.

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Aromatherapy Massage (using pre-blended oils)

Aromatherapy massage is another form of holistic treatments, in that it works towards physical and emotional effects. The benefits of massage therapy are combined with the use of essential oils which can have positive effects on the mind, body and spirit, and which in turn make an aromatherapy massage a unique experience.

There are many variations to a full body aromatherapy massage, ranging from gentle stroking to firmer and deeper manual techniques. Although there is a specific sequence for an aromatherapy massage, often other types of massages are used as a base and implemented with the use of aromatherapy essences. The aromatherapy essences are absorbed by your skin and inhaled through your nose creating a deeper and longer lasting effect on your whole self.

 Aromatherapy massage may have the following benefits: