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Post - procedure care instructions

Please follow these instructions until your skin has resolved peeling. For more sensitive skin - or after a more intense treatment - you should consider following these guidelines for at least 10 days.

Always feel free to speak to your Dermalogica Expert level therapist.

1. Immediately following treatment, the client should apply a broad spectrum physical sunscreen     (minimum SPF30), such as Super Sensitive Shield SPF30 or Skin Perfect Primer SPF30.     Avoiding direct sunlight exposure for 2-3 weeks to prevent hyperpigmentation, and wear a wide -     brim hat if you must be in the sun.

2. Avoid strenuous exercise on the day of treatment, along with prolonged exposure to heat sources     like dry saunas or steam rooms; these activities increase blood circulation to the face, which can     lead to discomfort, redness, swelling or other side effects.

3. On the night / evening of the treatment you should rinse your face with cool water and cleanse with     UltraCalming tm Cleanser, then moisturise with Barrier Defense Booster and Calm Water Gel.

4. Increase your fluid (water) intake over the next few days (2-3 days).

5. It is normal to begin peeling within 2-3 days, please do not pick at loose skin, as this may cause     discoloration.

6. Please avoid any type of exfoliating product until directed otherwise by your Professional Kin     Therapist.

7. Speak to your skin therapist  regarding moisturising throughout the day to maintain hydration and     decrease the appearance of flaking.